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Lead Generation

Lead Management

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Lead Generation is the discipline of increasing the volume of higher quality prospects.

We primarily focus our efforts to make the most out of the potential of the digital playground. We install our propietary systems that allow to attract, profile and track a large quantity of sales prospects through multiple channels and social networks.

Our expert consultants in this matter analyze and improve each effort using our dashboards of data visualization that we generate to facilitate the decision making process.

Hereby, we manage to increase the efficiency levels of commercial and marketing efforts in real time and as a result increase the number of prospects obtained.

Lead Management is the discipline of increasing the conversion rate from prospects to closed sales.

Before receiving the prospects, we co-define the steps within the commercial acquisition process to be monitored with our clients. Hereby, we visualize and analyze that data to be able to conclude in which specific areas to enter to be able to increase the convertibility of new sales.

Together with our clients, as a team, we ensure with the help of measuring and analyzing to then “finetuning” each of the the implementations previously executed until we reach the desired impact.

Our consultants and analysts specialized in optimizing commercial processes then submerge into the processes planning and implementing incentives to optimize not only the rate of conversion but also the conversion times.

In a nutshell we help to achieve a higher level of control of the digital commercial process, it`s impact and profitability.

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